365 Day Automation

I have a few questions about your plugin to see if it is what we are looking for.

First, I was able to receive the email. Thank you for getting that cleared up.

My client would like to have an automated solution that would include a 365 day devotional newsletter. I don’t know if this link will access for you but this is what I created with the Jackmail plugin:

Newsletter Preview

Is it possible to prebuild these newsletters and have them automatically send to the mailing list each day for 365 days a year?

Then, when the new year begins again it sends out the same emails again in order.

Currently, there are about 7-8 thousand people on the mailing list. How much would that cost to send the emails out each day?

What if we had added a new campaign that would go to a different email list? Would we need to buy double credits to send to a second list?

Thanks for your help thinking through this. If this works out, we could possibly reproduce this system to add more similar sites.