About Feedback Category

If you want to request a feature, or help us in any way, this category is for you.

Our Roadmap
Jackmail Roadmap - where we let you know what we’re currently working on.
=> https://trello.com/b/nvyyloDN/jackmail-product-roadmap

How We Decide On New Features
We want Jackmail to be awesome. Sometimes this means not working on one thing so we can work on something else that’s more important.
Deciding what’s important isn’t easy.

Here’s how we do it:

Review the ideas submitted to our feature request mailbox (see below for more on that). This allows us to identify common themes and areas that need improvement.
Review customer communication via Twitter, Facebook, our public development boards, and incoming email that raise common themes and excellent ideas to the team.
We have an internal Trello Development board (see above) that we use to discuss features among the team and decide who will work on them.
Members of the various teams within Jackmail meet regularly to discuss the overall direction of Jackmail and what features will help move us in the right direction.
We want to be careful to add the right features to Jackmail so that it remains a product that you love.

Submitting A New Feature Idea

Right now, Jackmail’s team is focused on working on a few large-scale priorities for the app itself—these are big changes, that take a lot of time to put together. That means that for right now, our short-term roadmap is oriented towards taking the steps we need to take to be in a good place to push those changes.

That said, if you have a feature you would love to see in Jackmail, we’d be happy to hear it!
Just know that we may not be able to work on it right away—or ever, if it turns out that it doesn’t line up with our big-picture goals for the app.