Add support for custom user roles

Hi guys,

I’m using Jackmail with It works well with default WP user roles (editor, administrator…) but I can’t make the plugin available for custom roles created with the plugin (custom roles can’t send newsletters since Jackmail doesn’t appear in the menu).

It seems that the plugin only supports following roles: editor, shop_manager or administrator.

It would be great if your plugin could support custom roles.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Laurent :wink:

Right now, we commited to the roles you mentioned : Editor, Administrator and Shop Manager.

We want to add all other natives roles for WP but we didn’t thought about custom roles. I’ll ask for the developers if it’s something we can do. For now, I think you should consider finding another solution for that.

Hi Yannick,

Thanks for the answer.

We actually found a way to deal with our issue but it’s not a clean and durable one since it involves editing the plugin files.

Let me know when it’s included on your roadmap.