Contract for data processor for jackmail Customers


it think because you (or Sarbacane) handle the SMTP sending, you must offer us as customer a contract as dataprocessor after GDPR states at Article 28.3.

Is there anything in the “pipeline” for that theme?

Bye Thomas

Any progress for these theme. I thinks it’s clear that customers needs a contract.

Do you see anything here useful ? :

That looks like the privacy policy, but that was not a contract between Data processor (Jackmail) and data controller (the customer wich uses jackmails and offers personal data like name and E-Mail).
But these contract was needed. Here some infos:

Hi Yannik - will there a contract between the data processor (Jackmail/sarbacone) and the data processor (the customer wich uses jackmail)??

Hi @Yannick, any news on this case? A Data Processing Agreement is really needed. In I found “link to be added to the DATA PROCESSING AGREEMENT ONCE READY”… when will it be ready? Thanks!

Here it is : :slight_smile:

Hi Yannick,

more or less :slight_smile:
Because normally must there also an information of the legal partner of data processor (Jackmail/sarbacone) and the data controller(the customer wich uses jackmail)?
As in an normal contract too.

Now we have only a Website with your text, but not a contract.
As info, the gdpr allows to work with electronic signed contracts (like you could have it for usage of Google Analytics).

Thanks! Yes, you need a contract between you and us - the customers using Jackmail.

Hi Yannick,
any progress at these theme?

Hi Thomas,

Seems it’s not priorized in our legal department. Can’t give you more information right now.