Do not send my automatic campaigns I need help

I have the free plan and will not let me send mail, because according to the mail that your company sends me, I do not have enough credit. For less than 100 mail per day and 3000 mail per month according to what they advertise in your free plan does not need to buy credits. I try to send 120 mail each week and it does not leave me. I would like you to solve this problem, because I really like your plugin. My website is
I am waiting for the solution

Hi !

Well there’s the answer in your message.

Jackmail allows 100 emails /day maximum.
So, if your list is above (120 in your example), it won’t send. Even if it’s once a week.

You need to split your list in 2 and schedule a send on monday for list 1 and tuesday for list 2 for example.

Enjoy your holidays and merry xmas

thanks for the information, so I will