Filter for Bounces in List Management

It will be very helpfull if it was possible to filter in a Campaign List or in normal List management also for contact with hardbounce or bounce. So that it was possible to manage these user also in batch.
Actual i must scroll to the hole contact list to see all contacts wich are bounced.

Hello Thomas,

We can currently filter unsubscribers but not bounces.

It’s a good suggestion and I think it’s doable.

I’ll suggest it to my dev team :slight_smile:

Hi Yannick,

that sounds great :wink: Maybe it was f.e. possible to generate it as link starting from the value shown in the Statistics or as filter in the listview of campaign/subscribers.

Implemented in last update.

For the moment, it’s accessible in the contact list menu. It will be accessible through stats in another update.