GDPR compatibility of jackmail

Will jackmail fits till the 25. May the GDPR needs, like a well documented information about the double optin of the users?

Hi Thomas!

We were already ready GDPR compliant, but we’re going to realese a full document explaining how we’re doing it.

For now, our main head company Sarbacane did this document, Mailify too, Jackmail is next.
For now, look at mailify’s one, it’s the same as Jackmai (same company) :

We have a new website coming, with this document :wink:

Hi Yannick,
i see the infos from mailify, but i was not sure if these more general informations was related to my question.
Because after GDPR the consent to data processing with the double opt in process of newsletter subscriber must be well document by the website owner wich offers the Newsletter.
That means every step of the DoubleOptIn process.
So question was if these was possible?

Bye Thomas

Double optin plugin has been done in our widget Thomas :wink:

Hi Yannick, great.
An does these means that in Jackmail it was also the 3 Steps documented - so that it is possible to prove that a user has gone through all steps of DoubleOptin process.
These documentation was for the data - controller also a requirement coming from GDPR.

Well, we’re going to add a consent checkbox at the widget, to confirm the user agreed its data will be collected and saved in your website.
We’ll have then Double Optin + Conset Checkbox to be prepared for GDPR.

I’ll make a documentation for that soon.

great. Short Question: was it possible inside the label of the consent Checkbox also to place a link to the privacy policy of the website? These was needed for GDPR.

Well you read our mind Thomas, it will be added indeed :slight_smile:

Hello, we are almost in 2019 and there is still no news of the upgrade… I am going to be forced to remove the plugin because the form widget is not conform with the GDPR obligations… :frowning: