How do I personalize my domain name with Jackmail?


The Jackmail team receives a lot of requests for further explanations about domain name customization on Jackmail.

The domain name is your postal address on the Internet. It is essential to the identity of any company on the Internet.

The domain name is also used for sending emails. It is a unique name that is in email addresses after the @ sign.

Domain name personalization allows you to improve your reputation, the deliverability of your emailing campaigns and to authenticate your shipments.

If you haven’t personalized your sending domain, you will be considered as a spammer.

A sub-domain manages the reputation of your servers. It is advisable to use sub-domains for sending your email marketing campaigns.

If you don’t set up the domain name of your emails via our infrastructure, here is what your recipient receives:

You can personalize your domain name with :

– OVH (french)

– Gandi (french)

– Amen (french)

– Dreamhost (english)

– Go Daddy (english)

For customization, go to Jackmail settings.

You need a domain, and a sub-domain. In our example it will be “” and “”.

Step 1 :

Indicate the sub-domain « ».

Step 2:

Jackmail will give you a TXT key to insert at your domain name host.

Go to domain administration at your domain host.

Select the domain, and press “Add value”. Choose TXT, enter the value given by Jackmail and validate.

Step 3:

Jackmail will provide you with two new records (NS), which you will need to put on the sub-domain " ".

These two records are common to any installation: &

/!\ Be careful, never use a sub-domain that you already use to host a site.

IMPORTANT: DNS changes can take several hours to propagate.

Step 4 :

Go to a campaign, and at the “Creation” step, choose your sender email address with your sub-domain.

/!\ Be careful, the sender address doesn’t really exist. You have to set up a real reply address.

To check that your TXT and NS records are correctly propagated, you can make a test on the following site :