Jackmail and Contact Form 7


I am not sure if I understand the functionality correct. Tried to read your docs but it doent’t help.

We set up contact form 7 form and it now is visible in jackmail. But we have a older list created in jackmail which we wanted to connect to contact form 7. Isnt’t that possible? Can contact form 7 entrys only go into their lists that are created automatically and not be connected to existing lists?

thank you

Indeed, since it’s a contact form list, it only connect to the CF list.

If you have another list you’d like to connect to, you can use HTTP post request using our API, but it requieres the plugin (CF7) to be connected with the list you’d like to merge the contact.

But, in my opinion, it’s better to separate the lists, CF7 in a way, another list in another way, it helps you understand the source of the contact.

Similar question here.
When a contact from the CF7 list clicks the unsubscribe link in the the email, then the “unsubscribed” status is not updated in the CF7 list.
How to manage that ?

For CF7 it’s very specific. Since CF7 doesn’t save the message or email, we created our own Jackmail list with the CF7 contacts.

So, when a subscribers, unsubscribes from your newseltter, this information is saved in the Jackmail list.
You’ll find it in the targeting filter of the list in Jackmail.

But in the Jackmail list with CF7 contacts, I do not have a targeting filter button.
The unsubscribed information does not appear in the list.