Jackmail form widget Vs. GDPR

Hi there,
I have created a contact list to manage new subscribers using the jackmail form widget to collect email addresses.
But from a GDPR perspective I cannot expect to keep those addresses forever - at some point of time I will have to ask for confirmation to keep receiving… How do I manage that, knowing that the subscription date seems not to be collected (automatically) ?


An update in september will add the date in the subscription to be able to know when you collected thoses emails.

Thanks a lot, will wait for the september release.

To come closer to managing GDPR fully, it would help if an action can be done based on the subscription date.

So may I suggest that you also consider enriching the “scenario” feature, either triggered by a date
or using the current scenario feature for “new subscriber” but increasing the numbers of days (currently 99 max, what about max 360 ?)

Thanks for supporting (always-asking-for-more :smile:) customers,

Yeah, next automation we’re working on is “date”. Will help for a lot of workflows (date of order, birthday, subscription etc).

Hi there,

Unless I am mistaken, I haven’t seen anything new on a “subscription date” in the contact list. Any update ?

Hello, same question, the form widget was suppose to be upgrade in order to be conforme with the GDPR in september. Any news ?