Unable to retrieve credits


Installed Jackmail WP plugin 2 days ago.
Since this, unable to send a email from Jackmail.
It looks to be related to the credits retrieval. The plugin is unable to find the availbale credits.

Procedure shown on https://www.jackmail.com/docs/en/common-problems/i-dont-have-my-credits doesn’t solve the issue.

Any clue ?


I sa you reached our support team for help whiletime. Hope your got your credit back.


Got nothing …
Still no credits seen from the plug-in.
No mail sending possible.


Any news ?
Am I the only one to have this problem. This a blocker, no mail sending possible !!


Since today, credits are back.


Yeah, sorry for the bummer. We had troubles recently with credits in freemoum. Had a lot of people on holidays, doesn’t help either. Hope everything’s back to normal. Cheers!