Woocommerce Automatic List Generation


I recently installed Jackmail to evaluate it for producing newsletters for my site.

I have woocommerce installed with some users listed.

I allowed the synchronisation between woocommerce and the plugin and it successfully created a list for woocommerce. However there are no records in the list even though I have 10 orders in woocommerce. There are also no users in the Wordpress list that was created.

I guess I am missing something.

How can I fix this?


Anyone have any ideas? I want to use the plugin but can’t unless there is this automatic integration with woocommerce and wordpress

Hi !

Sorry about the delay.
What you’re experiencing right now is an encoding issue. Your encoding should be different and has to be fixed.

You should head over your sql database, look for xx_users which isn’t the same as Jackmail’s.
We suggest to copy your base in a local environnement to test before make any edition :slight_smile:

Hi there

Thanks for the response.

I am able to view the wp_users table

I don’t understand what I am looking for though. You say its an encoding problem?

What does that mean? Can you give me a step by step process to fix the problem?